Winner I Contest #MUPI_

Winner I Contest #MUPI_

© David Tomé

Selected in the 1st Malaga Urban Photography Contest #MUPI_

On Friday, April 8, 2022, the winners of the 1st. Malaga Urban Photography Contest #MUPI_(Mobilier Urbain pour la Promotion et l'Information), organized by Gabinete Hyde and EMT Malaga, were presented. Ten images were selected from more than a hundred works presented, and made it to the open gallery on the platforms of the Malaga bus station.

In addition to my image, which shows a woman sitting in Plaza Enrique Garcia-Herrera, on the Camas car park, several of my colleagues and friends were also selected: Nuria and Marisa Murillo, Martin Corradini and Karin Menage. The rest of those selected were Fernando Gallego, Jorge Mañe, Paco Camacho, Jose Manuel Carmona and Luis Javier Muñoz Brieva.

Post by Gabinete Hyde with all winners