Catalogues by Colectivo Imagen

Catalogues by Colectivo Imagen

© David Tomé

I participate in the edition and layout of the catalogs "#Mequedoencasa" and "Cronikas de una Pandemia"

We ended the year with the publication of two catalogs of photographic projects that the Imagen Collective promoted during the pandemic years.

The catalog of the "Cronikas de una Pandemia" (Chronikles of a Pandemic) Photographic Contest shows the winning works, finalists, and other participants in the open contest that was organized to reflect the experiences and concerns of people during the pandemic. In this catalogue, in addition to participating with three images, one of them a finalist, I write an introduction on the inside flap.

In the catalog about the collective photographic project "#mequedoencasa" I participated together with 21 other colleagues in a photographic dialogue activity that ended up becoming a traveling exhibition and, finally, a book that I helped edit together with Petter Brox, Julio Sevillano and Fatima Maireles. Also in this case, in addition to the 22 images with which I participate in the project, I write an introduction on the inside flap.